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Dr.Damas on Voices with Jawan Strader

Jawan Strader touts great conversations with Dr. Hervé Damas, MD, MBA, founder, Dr. Damas Wellness, and CJ Staples, activist, Dream Defenders on President Biden's Pardon of Thousands Convicted of Marijuana Possession.

President Joe Biden recently pardoned thousands of people convicted of marijuana possession. But the decree doesn't include those convicted offenders of distribution. NBC 6 Voices looks at how this pardon is impacting the Black community.

“US citizens have been polling positively, approximately 70-80 percent depending on the demographics, for marijuana. People want marijuana legalized,” states Dr. Damas. “This is the first step, but it doesn’t open the flood gates…we have much, much more work to do.”

Hear the entire interview now!

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