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Tincture Starter Kit

$15.00 or $14.25 / month
Sample our 100% Organic CBD tinctures with a Starter Kit! Want to try out Dr. Damas CBD without purchasing a full-sized product? Our starter kits are the solution you're looking for. Each Tincture Starter Kit includes a miniature sample bottle of our Pineapple Cake, Old Fashioned Orange, and Vanilla Dream tinctures, each containing two doses of hemp oil. That means you get 6 total doses, which allows for 3 full days of use. Our Organic, vegan, and terpene enhanced tinctures speak for themselves. Grab a Starter Kit and see the difference 3 days can make Limited to one Tincture Starter Kit per customer.

CBD Tincture: Pure

$90.00 or $85.50 / month
For purists, we have our Pure tincture - the original, flavorless iteration of the CBD tincture. The naturally derived earthy notes of Pure won't overpower any drink or food you choose to pair with it, and make for a more subtle option by itself too.

CBD Tinctures: Vanilla Dream

$90.00 or $85.50 / month
Our Vanilla Dream tincture contains the terpenoid beta-caryophyllene, a compound that contributes to the smooth, nutty flavor of the vanilla bean, and its calming, moreish scent. Marrying beta-caryophyllene and CBD, this tincture is ideal for unwinding at night or for the rapid alleviation of those worry-induced butterflies.

CBD Tinctures: Cherry Syrup

$90.00 or $85.50 / month
The botanical flavor of our Cherry Syrup tincture immediately transports you to Grandma's house. The nostalgic, pleasantly medicinal and fruity taste mirrors the punch-packing effects of the tincture. Taken at the first sign of being run-down, its calming properties provide a boost to the system, just when it is most needed.

CBD Tinctures: Pineapple Cake

$90.00 or $85.50 / month
Pineapple Cake tincture is the serotonin-boosting energizer you have been waiting for. Thanks in part to the limonene terpene which gives it a burst of flavor, the tincture’s alleviating properties make it ideal for high-energy activities. Pineapple Cake is best taken in the morning before a busy day, or as a pre-workout enhancer.

CBD Tinctures: Old Fashioned Orange

$90.00 or $85.50 / month
As its name suggests, our Old-Fashioned Orange tincture is a mood-elevating, stress-relieving burst of flavor, reminiscent in taste and feel of the zesty bourbon cocktail. In fact, this product works perfectly either as a night out-boosting mocktail or a homemade remedy.

CBD Oil for Pets

$55.00 or $52.25 / month
Our salmon and hemp oil pet tinctures will keep pets purring and wagging, thanks to its omega-packed composition and delicious flavor.  Our Pet CBD contains 300mg of the same high quality CBD that our regular products have.


$65.00 or $61.75 / month
*Shipping Notice* - Please note that this item may take 7-10 business days to ship. We will try to get it out as fast as possible, but due to demand there may be some delay. Our CBD-infused gummies are a crowd favorite. Organic, allergen-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan, they are also, frankly, delicious, and a powerful weapon to quell the effects of life's stresses.


$80.00 or $76.00 / month
*Shipping Notice* - Please note that this item may take 7-10 business days to ship. We will try to get it out as fast as possible, but due to demand there may be some delay. Some of our patients opt for our sugar-free capsules over gummies. A perfect way to take this supplement and avoid activating your sweet tooth.