CBD remedies formulated for your health and lifestyle.


We love what we do

We are CBD evangelists first, and CBD shop second. We truly believe that the path to a healthier lifestyle begins with a natural, holistic  regimen to manage your pain, anxiety, and/or sleeplessness.

Our promise to you

Our CBD tinctures, creams, and edibles will be of the highest quality in the industry in order to provide you with consistent relief for your particular situation.


Our Story

A decade of providing alternative care for hundreds of patients. We created this store to share what we learned.

The Dr. Damas Wellness Center is located in Miami, FL and has been helping patients manage their sleeplessness, pain, and anxiety for nearly a decade. In that time we have conducted research as to the efficacy of CBD and THC in alleviating these conditions, and what you see here is the culmination of that research: CBD products that are consistently effective.

We're proud of our formulations, and we hope you find the help you need by using our products.

The Dr. Damas Wellness Team