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SPECTRUM NEWS 13: Football players advocate for CBD as an opioid alternative

If anyone knows about the need for an opioid alternative, it is former NFL Buffalo Bills, radiologist, and now physician Dr. Hervé Damas, MD, MBA, founder of Dr. Damas Wellness.

With football, as in most sports, there are aches, pain, injury, and medication to get an athlete through recovery. Historically, the RX has been opioids, so players play high and are at substantial risk of addiction.

Today's athletes turn to CBD as a pain-killing alternative.

Is CBD a miracle drug?

Dr. Damas is a state-certified cannabis physician. He can prescribe patients medical marijuana for a variety of state-accepted ailments. He can also recommend and sell CBD. If the CBD comes from hemp and contains 0.3% or less THC, it can be bought without a prescription.

"Many players use CBD," Dr. Damas says. "They just can't advertise it."

Dr. Damas knows athletes because he was one. He played at Hofstra and for the Buffalo Bills in the NFL but suffered a career-ending knee injury. He has experienced the relief from CBD firsthand.

"My headaches are gone, the insomnia is gone, the anxiety, the body aches, and I'm not high," Dr. Damas says.

Listen to one athlete's journey from opioids to CBD and Dr. Damas' journey to help people live their best lives.