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Marijuana Q&A: The Benefits of Cannabis Have you seen marijuana help creativity levels? Any strains in particular good for this?

Winnipeg Sun: NFL offers US$1 million to study opioid alternatives

Read Article “This isn’t an NFL or a sports issue; this is a societal issue.” The National Football League and

The Dr. Damas Wellness Pilot Study on CBD and Quality of Life in Retired Elite Athletes

{{ vc_btn: title=Download+Poster&style=flat&shape=square&color=purple&align=center&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fdrdamas.com%252Fwp-content%252Fuploads%252F2021%252F06%252FDrDamas-CCC-Athletes-PilotStudy-Poster-2021-FINAL.pdf%7Ctarget%3A_blank }} Dr. Herve Damas and the Wellness Team are proud to introduce new research on how cannabis

New Times: Florida Republicans Still Trying to Pass Anti-Cannabis Laws

Read Article More than half of Republican voters in Florida support the legalization of cannabis. But Republicans aren't counting. Republican

The Growth Op: NFL players can now celebrate 4/20

The National Football League has decided to recognize 4/20 as a national holiday, sort of. Cannabis testing is now limited

The Growth Op: How Dr. Damas became a leading cannabis physician for athletes

As the NFL and other sports leagues are increasingly looking for new ways to reduce painkiller usage, cannabis is an

Your Dog and CBD: What you need to know.

If your dog suffers from anxiety or pain, CBD may provide relief without the powerful side effects of many medicines.

Pain Relief: How THC and CBD Can Work Together

What are the biggest myths about cannabis and pain relief? In the current cannabis space you have two dueling schools

Finding Sleep: When & Why Cannabis is an Option

Natural Sleep Aids insomnia is a common complaint among my patients. Research shows that approximately 20% of Americans suffer from some

Cannabis and its Effects on Fertility

Thinking of having a baby? The relationship between cannabis and fertility is complicated, but the results aren't. Here's how men